Your business can run without you.

Work with dedicated executives with fresh eyes and hands-on implementation so your business operates smoothly, even when you step away.


You should do less.

Your business doesn’t need a complete overhaul or a fancy 27-step plan. Your business just needs to do a few small things differently.

Start with dumb. Then get smarter.

Your business is special. It’s successful. There’s a lot about your company that works.

We believe in what you’ve built. There’s no need to scrap it all.

We’ll start small. We’ll make an incremental change, and then see what happens.

Our business is making your business better, not making it look like ours.

Schedule a short call. Get a clear plan.


These 9 Secrets Are Helping Business Owners Get Out of Their Own Way and Scale to 7 and 8 Figures, While Doing Less Work


Strategic Delegation Mastery: Unleashing Your Business's Unique Potential

Take care of your business the right way

I’m Josh. I founded The Gig Exec for one specific reason: small businesses deserve strategies designed for the realities of small businesses, not Fortune 500 companies.

You don’t need a consultant to come in, rip apart your company, and take away the parts that make it special.

You deserve to work with dedicated executives who figure out what’s working, make it even better, and take out what’s restrictive–without changing everything.

Don’t break what works to try to make something better.

It’s time to get the freedom to step away from your desk and preserve your company’s legacy. 

Hands-On Experience

Your business is complex.

As people with real- life business experience--not just on paper--we know how to navigate complexity and create practical solutions.

Deep Expertise

When your company needs expertise, we've got an executive for that.

Whether you need support with HR, cybersecurity, sales, or something in between, we have an expert ready to jump in so you don't have to search.

Unfiltered Advice

When you're running everything, it's hard to get feedback you can trust.

We'll tell you what you need to hear and clearly lay out your options. You deserve honesty, so we won't sugarcoat.

Unmatched Curiosity

We value your values, so we don't break what works to try to make something better.

We get to know your business, implement small changes, see what happens, and respond.

Unlock Your Business's Hidden Potential

You don’t need generic business tactics that ignore your company’s unique identity. You need the 9 secrets that will take your business to the next level. It’s time to move from a busy owner to a visionary leader.